LED high bay lamp has become widely used green lighting

At present, although the luminous efficiency of LED lighting is not ideal, but with the passage of time and the progress of the production process, the luminous efficiency will reach even more than the existing light source of other lighting effects. At the same time, high-power LED lighting cooling effect is expected to further improve.

LED high bay lamp has become widely used green lighting

LED theoretical life of more than 60,000 hours, but in the practical application process, due to the drive power supply design and drive the way to choose improper, LED lighting flickering, so that LED easily damaged. At present, many manufacturers of LED lamps produced by the use of resistance to the way the power supply to the LED, doing so low efficiency. And the majority of the existing drive power factor is generally low, reducing the effective utilization of electricity. Accurate design drive power is the key to solve the above problems, only according to the requirements of LED lighting products, applications, select the appropriate topology, the rational use of LED drive in order to improve the efficiency and reliability of LED lighting, LED lighting advantage Play out.

LED lighting in the light distribution technology, the majority of the current distribution of light with the traditional method of light distribution, the general use of lens condenser and mirror using the side of the light, in order to achieve a certain lighting effect, often bring lighting problems such as cooling Poor and the size of the lamp and the weight of the increase and its appearance, but also ignores the optical properties of the LED, and LED lighting with light after the light utilization efficiency is also low. To solve the above problems, only from the LED's own structure and light-emitting characteristics, to find a meet the LED lighting requirements, and has the characteristics of LED lighting distribution method.

In summary, to solve the LED lighting method only from the LED's own optical, electrical and structural characteristics, according to the specific application environment and conditions, according to local conditions, to solve the LED lighting technology problems, so that LED lighting really worth it Widely used to promote the use of green lighting.

No matter what kind of light source to light, are inevitably to deal with the issue of heat. The cooling problem of lighting has always been a concern because the operating temperature of the light source is closely related to its working life. LED lighting source, the energy conversion to light at the same time, there are a considerable part of the energy into heat. LED lighting with LED heat dissipation research focused on the LED package and the cooling structure of the lamp. At present, the heat dissipation research on LED package has basically solved the problem of heat dissipation of small power LED. Research on high power LED package With the increasing popularity of high power LED lighting, many countries and related R & D institutions have invested a lot of manpower Financial resources, has made a great breakthrough. High-power LED thermal packaging technology is divided into: high heat package structure and flip-chip package structure. LED manufacturers in the thermal package on the specific approach, including reducing the thermal resistance of the package to improve the chip shape, the use of small grains, switch to silicon packaging materials and ceramic materials, LED life can improve and improve the LED packaging method. At present, domestic and foreign manufacturers are committed to the heat problem to overcome, I believe the future will be able to further overcome the high-power LED lighting products, heat problems.


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