• BG-TGD-670
  • BG-TGD-670
  • BG-TGD-670
  • BG-TGD-670


  • Lamp Power(W): 200W
  • Input Voltage: AC 85-265V
  • IP Rating: IP65
  • Dimension: 390×348×155mm
  • Product description: LED FLOOD LIGHTS

1.Adopting high power LEDs as lighting source.
2.Energy saving, environment protecing and long life.
3. Low working voltage, secure and reliable.
4.Good weatherability and pressure resistance.
5.No UV or IR radiation,green product.
6. Low power consumption and high intensity, good color saturation.
7. Protecting rating: IP65, can work for long time.
8. Long working life >50000hrs.
9. Energy saving up to 80%
10. Easily and fastly installl or replace traditional lamp.
Technical Paramenters:
Item Specification
Materials: Aluminum,ColdWhite,Gray;WarmWhite,White.
Work temperature:-20 -+50 degree
IP rating : IP65
Life Span: >50000hrs

Application of Outdoor LED Flood light

1. Supermarkets
2. Factories
3. Gymnasiums
4. Yards
5. Courtyards
6. Advertising boards
7. Buildings
8. Garden designs
9. Some other outdoor places where need lighting and decoration

Features of Outdoor LED light

1. CE and RoHS approved.
2. Die-casting aluminum casing and high intensity toughened glass cover
3. High efficiency and power factor LED driver
4. Wide radiation angle, huge lighting area
5. Start without delay and flicker free
6. Good color rendering
7. Warm and cold color temperature are available
8. High shock & vibration resistant
9. Ideal heat dissipation design
10. No UV & IR, No Blinking and No Mercury & Lead free
11. Patented fixture design and LED package technology
12. Energy saving system, saving 50% energy than the conventional Metal halide lamp,

Sodium Light or HPS light



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